Answers to the most common questions we get asked

Where are your lights made?

All Visionary New Zealand Collection luminaires are designed and developed in New Zealand and assembled in Christchurch by our team of experienced technicians. Product materials are sourced locally and internationally in Europe, America, South Korea and the PRC. All Visionary International Collection luminaires are made in the PRC to strict Visionary specifications unless otherwise stated.

How long is the warranty on your product range?

Please refer to our product technical datasheets or brochure documentation to determine product warranty for the product. Generally Visionary products carry a 5-10 year warranty depending on product family and whether they are used in residential or commercial applications.

Are your products dimmable & will my dimmer work?

In most cases, your existing dimmer should be compatible with a Visionary 'phase' dimmable rated product. We do however carry a dataset that provides dimmer compatibility information and it can also be found on your product instruction manual. If in doubt, give us a call and we can help you out.

Can I use a different brand driver on your lighting product?

No, you risk losing electrical safety compliance for the product as our products are tested as a full ‘unit’ with the lamp and driver. Using an unapproved driver on any Visionary lamp will void our warranty. The only excpetion is with 24V constant voltage drivers, however, they need to be pre-approved by Visionary prior to usage.

Are your product drivers Class II SELV?

The output terminals on all Phoenix Series LED drivers are compliant to Class 2 SELV – Double insulation (safety extra low voltage) provided that the input terminal cover is used. Commercial products carry a number of insulation standards. Please check the technical datasheet for the class insulation classification.

What does New Zealand Collection and International Collection mean?

Visionary New Zealand collection luminaires are developed by Visionary in New Zealand and are assembled in New Zealand. Visionary International luminaires are either developed by Visionary or co-developed with authorized partners to our standards and are assembled in China unless otherwise stated.

Can your lights be installed near coastal areas?

Visionary recessed downlights are developed with a specially designed powder coat or machining process (model dependent) to handle the harsh New Zealand landscape. These are also sealed with a hermetic lens so are protected from salt spray. Please note that attached LED driver must not encounter liquid or salt spray and therefore should be installed in a location in the roof cavity where this will not occur. Visionary commercial products carry a variety of ratings for usage cases and this data can be found by contacting Visionary or by reviewing the product technical datasheet.

Can your downlights be used under insulation?

Yes, all Visionary downlights less than <=13W have compliance to be abutted and covered by New Zealand approved insulation unless otherwise stated. The only exception is macerated paper and Insulfluf – which is not approved by us to be used around or near a Visionary product.

Can your drivers be used under insulation?

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Are your drivers attached with a 2 or 3 pin plug?

That depends. For Phoenix 3, no,  we use a 3 pole input slot system using XXL input terminals and a screw-less terminal cover for easy cable termination. We use this as an easy method of product installation that has no additional costs to the installer and is faster to install – meaning a lower cost to the end customer. For our commercial downlights, yes - we provide a 1m 2-pin NZ/AU plug.

What trim options do i have?

Visionary recessed luminaires are available in white trims in all New Zealand Collection product options. Level three recessed luminaires are additionally available in matte black and specialist visor colours in the Pandora family. Visionary commercial products carry a varying portfolio of colours. Please check the product datasheet for further information.

Can the general public purchase Visionary products?

Visionary is a developer and wholesaler of lighting products to the electrical trade industry and does not sell products to the general public. There is a very small number of exceptions for public sales if you are in remote regions not serviced by Visionary clients. Please contact us for more information.

Can i pay for my purchase with my credit card?

Yes, we offer a Stripe payment method for payment of invoices. Please note that there is a transaction free for credit card usage that is charged by Stripe.

Can i get points for purchasing products from Visionary?

Yes, provided you are a register client with the Digital Platforms portal.  Learn more at www.visionarytechnologies.co.nz/digital-platforms

Do you offer a lighting design service?

Yes, Visionary offers a complementary lighting design service.  Learn more at www.visionarytechnologies.co.nz/lighting-design

Where can Visionary lighting products be viewed?

Visionary products are best viewed at our showroom on Stark Drive, Christchurch. We offer samples to our clients on loan or to purchase if you are unable to visit our Christchurch Head Office.


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