Digital Platforms

Ridiculously Easy. Fast. Intuitive. Informative.

We embarked on a relentless journey to enable a fast, intuitive and easy ordering platform to order at the office, or on the go. Track orders, earn status points, check invoice statuses and more.

Multi Platform

Your Workflow. Your Way.

Digital Platforms supports desktop, tablet, Apple IOS and Android devices.


Customise Products

Effortlessly customise aspects of your products like trim colours, visors, optics, beam angles, CCT, light technology with the click of a button.


Earn Status Points On Every Order1

Pull rank with Visionary Status Points. Earn Status Points to upgrade tiers, receive discounts, priority services and more.

Manage orders

Effortlessly view key details and status of your orders you place with Visionary so you always have the most up-to-date information.

Keep Updated

Know where your order is at all times with status updates as mobile push notifications and/or via email.

Seamless Login

Forget passwords and seamlessly login with your phone or email address. Automatic OTP is also available on supported Apple® and Android® devices.

Manage Your Team

Give access and permissions to your team to use your account. Add, edit and remove users at any time and assign user permissions - all from within the platform.

2-Click Checkout

We designed the entire checkout process to be seamless. The store remembers your details and autofill's them - allowing a 2-click checkout process. You can also edit details on the fly if you wish.2

Coming Soon

Automated Workflows

We’re integrating with your favourite order management systems to reduce paperwork.  Automated workflows gives you more time to work on what’s important and less on tedious administrative tasks.


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Please note that the features and specifications of the products and services showcased on this digital platform are subject to change at any time without prior notice. Additionally, the visual displays and representations used here are for illustrative purposes only and may not precisely reflect the actual product in some instances. We advise our customers to verify the current specifications and appearance of our products before making a decision to use any Visionary Product or Service.

  1. Subject to Visionary Technologies Loyalty Program Terms & Conditions of usage. Please read through to familiarise yourself with the features, benefits and limitations of the program.
  2. The utilization of the 2-Click Checkout feature is contingent upon the user having previously configured their account, ensuring that all requisite details for order fulfillment are pre-established and auto-populated. This expedited checkout process is inapplicable in scenarios where a user elects to incorporate ancillary details or requests modifications to an order that deviate from the standard operational parameters of this feature.


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