Flex Pro Series

A Beautiful Line Up Of Technology & Innovation.

The Flex Pro series provides a combination of premium LED diodes, high-grade circuit boards and extreme backing adhesives for professional applications that require a product that is long lasting and looks the part.

Extreme Adhesives1

Flex Pro uses industry leading adhesives for superior strength.

4oZ Copper PCB

Superior thermal dissipation & thermal conductivity.

4 Power Options

Choose from 5W, 9W, 12W & 18W per meter.

90+ Premium CRI2

High accuracy colour rendering for beautiful environments.

High LED Density

Enabling a smooth, consistant & comfortable light source.

5-Year Warranty2

Premium warranty to protect your product for years to come.

Advanced Electrics

24V constant voltage + constant current sub-circuits.


Suitable for Interior & covered exterior lighting environments.


Premium Design. Inside & Out.

The Flex Pro series stands out with its premium LED diodes and high density, coupled with a superior-grade circuit board that features 4 Ounce Copper circuit rails. The notable high copper OZ density in these LED strips brings significant advantages. It boosts thermal conductivity, which aids in effective heat dissipation, thereby extending the lifespan of the LEDs. The enriched copper content enhances electrical conductivity too, promoting a more even voltage distribution for brighter and more consistent lighting. Furthermore, the durability offered by the higher copper density adds substantial mechanical strength to the strips, increasing their resilience against bending and handling. This not only eases installation but also ensures reliable performance over time.


Premium Substate



Power Options










More Light Consistency

The Flex Pro's integration of constant current sub-circuitry within its constant voltage LED strip lights significantly boosts both their lifespan and performance. This advanced design guarantees a more uniform light emission and curtails the voltage drop across the LEDs over extended distances6. By delivering a steady current to each LED, it safeguards against the variances in voltage, thereby preserving a consistent level of brightness and colour. This method effectively addresses the prevalent problem of diminishing brightness towards the end of the strip, ensuring even light distribution from one end to the other.




Set the Mood with Colour.

Set the mood of your room space with 4 different lighting engine variants to choose from. All lighting engines also incorporate Visionary’s Tru-Colour lighting technology and 3-SDCM colour binning to ensure that light colours are the same for every batch - every time.






Extreme Adhesive Bonding

Through advanced thermal design and highly efficient lighting engines, we’re able to offer the highest thermal safety compliance on a recessed luminaire with IC-F and IC-4. Put simply, this means that the product can safety be abutted & covered by insulation.


Premium Colour Rendering

Flex Pro's High 90 CRI LED technology2 elevates lighting with unparalleled colour accuracy, making colours appear more vibrant and natural, akin to natural daylight. Ideal for spaces where true colour representation is essential, this energy-efficient and durable strip lighting seamlessly integrates into any setting, enhancing aesthetics while being cost-effective. Experience the difference with Flex Pro, where every colour comes to life.

90 CRI

High Definition Rendering


Shielded From The Elements

IP65 nano-coated strip lighting technology provides robust protection against environmental elements while preventing CCT colour shifting, ensuring consistent colour temperature and brightness. Designed for durability and performance, it's a superior solution for enduring, high-quality lighting4.




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  1. Visionary Technologies Ltd's LED strip products come with an adhesive backing designed for general use. However, it's important to note that we do not guarantee the adhesive's performance on all surface types. The effectiveness of the adhesive can vary based on the material, texture, and condition of the surface, as well as environmental factors such as temperature and humidity. Users should evaluate the suitability of the adhesive for their specific application and may need to consider additional fixing methods for optimal adherence.
  2. All CRI values are measured at Tj = Tc = 25°C.CRI values are typical. Visionary maintains a ± 3 tolerance on CRI values.
  3. Product warranty disclosure statements and full details can be found by viewing our Warranty Documentation, Guardian Service Agreements for commercial and residential products and by viewing our terms of service. All documentation can be found on the Visionary Technologies website under the support menu.
  4. Visionary IP65 LED Strip Lighting: Our IP65-rated products are resistant to splashes, water, and dust, tested under controlled conditions per IEC standard 60529. It's crucial to note that this rating does not apply to areas where the strip has been cut and not resealed properly. IP65 resistance is not a permanent condition and may degrade with normal wear; liquid damage is not covered under warranty. Additionally, we offer an IP68 option, which provides complete protection against dust and continuous immersion in water. However, the IP68 rating assumes proper installation and sealing, especially at cut or joint points. The efficacy of IP68 in preventing water and dust ingress is contingent on maintaining the integrity of the seal in real-world applications.
  5. Flex Pro LED strip lights incorporate constant current sub-circuitry within a constant voltage framework, enhancing lifespan and performance. This design aims to ensure uniform light emission and reduce voltage drop across extended lengths. However, it's important to legally clarify that while these benefits are anticipated outcomes of the design, they are not guaranteed under all conditions and applications. Variations in installation, usage, and environmental factors can affect performance. Users should consider these factors in relation to their specific requirements.


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