See colours as they are intended. View textures with more detail than ever before.

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Beautiful, full colour spectrum

Studio technology brings out true colours and textures for extremely accurate experience where colour matters most. Compared to conventional LED and Fluorescent lighting, Studio provides a much greater spectrum of colour that is far more balanced than others.

Realistic colour is now a reality.Typical LED lighting doesn't stand a chance

CRI means colour rendering index. It's the light source's ability to render the colours. A CRI of 100 is realised when colour is perfectly rendered. Conventional LED lighting renders colour at a CRI of 80, meaning a significant portion of colour is missing - detrimental if the application requires colour to be accurate. Studio Technology renders colour at 97+ CRI which produces exceptionally beautiful results.

80 CRI

97+ CRI

Images for illustrative purposes.

Incredible Contrast. See textures with extreme clarity.

Colour makes up only part of the equation when it comes to materials. A high CRI lighting product is only as good as its effect on objects around itself. Many Conventional High CRI lighting products have a high 400-500nm peak that can wash out textures in objects - making them appear different. Studio technology incorporates contrast control by design to ensure objects appear as they should.

Compare the difference

Object: Silk
Typical B+YR LED shown left | Studio LED shown right