Studio Technology

See True Colours & Detailed Textures Like Never Before.

Utilizing advanced chip, phosphor, and packaging innovations,  Studio Technology delivers an unparalleled match to natural light. Ideal for constant colour point lighting fixtures, it introduces the full spectrum of natural light indoors. Studio’s high-fidelity spectral output illuminates spaces beautifully, ensuring exceptional colour rendering and superior TM-30 metrics. Elevate your spaces with the vitality of Studio Technology.

98 CRI

Extremely high colour rendering up to 98+ CRI & CQS QA 981.

Accurate Render

Engineered to closely match the wavelength profile of the sun.

Constrast Control

Superior contrast regulation. Extremely low light scattering.


Textures & three dimensionality like never before.

Superior Colour

Next-Generation LED Spectrum Technology.

Studio TechnologyTM brings out true colours and textures for an extremely accurate experience where colour matters most. Compared to conventional LED and Fluorescent lighting, Studio provides a much greater spectrum of colour that is far more accurate than traditional LED lighting. Studio Technology enables a colour rendering index as high as 98 CRI1. This is made possible through the use of advanced LED phosphor and die design to minimize light scattering. This maximizes contrast and 3D-dimensional effects of objects to ensure they are seen at their best. This results in a natural and continuous spectrum that is very close to that of sunlight.

Light Science

Typical LED VS Studio LEDTM

Typical LED2

5000K @ 80 CRI

Sharp spectral peak at around 440-460nm in a typical blue pump phosphor converted LED - a deviation from natural sunlight sources.  Note the  cyan valley around 490-520nm with that spectrum largely excluded.

Studio LEDTM

5000K @ 98 CRI

Even wavelength distribution throughout visible light spectrum, while omitting the blue pump phosphor in the 440-460nm range. No  cyan valley around 490-520nm & a render enhancing  presence of 700nm red is present.

Colour Rendering

Typical 80 CRI LED2

Colours are represented, however they lack depth and body to visualise them at their best.

Colour Rendering

Studio LEDTM

Studio TechnologyTM very closely mimics natural sunlight which enables high definition colour rendering that brings out the best in the artwork.

Contrast Regulation

Typical 80 CRI LED2

Many conventional lighting products feature a high 400-500nm wavelength peak that can wash out textures in objects.

Contrast Regulation

Studio LEDTM

Studio TechnologyTM addresses contrasting issues in its design through incorporating contrast regulation technology to ensure objects appear as they should.

World's Highest Eye Safety Certification3. Safer On Your Eyes.

Eye safety certification is a rating based on safety from analyzing the LED wavelengths. Sleep TechnologyTM received an RG-1 grade in eye safety certification3. The RG-1 grade is granted to a safe light source for which there is no biological risk, even if our entire lives were spent exposed to the light source. The result means we can be confident that the light source in your room space is not going to cause harm to our delicate eyes.


The brands mentioned on this website are the property of their respective owners and are used for informational purposes only. These brands are not affiliated with Visionary Technologies Ltd, and their mention does not imply any partnership or endorsement by them.Please note that the features and specifications of the products and services showcased on this digital platform are subject to change at any time without prior notice. Additionally, the visual displays and representations used here are for illustrative purposes only and may not precisely reflect the actual product in some instances. We advise our customers to verify the current specifications and appearance of our products before making a decision to use any Visionary Product or Service.

1) All CRI values are measured at Tj = Tc = 25°C. CRI values are Typical. Visionary maintains a ± 3 tolerance on CRI values

2) Typical B+YR LED diode technology at 5000K and 80 CRI colour rendering.

3) Eye Safety refers to the international standard the International Commission on Illumination adopted as standard (CIE S 009:2002) which defines the standard of LED illumination for the purpose of safety for the eyes and skin. The relevant standard is defined in IEC/EN 62471.


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