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Lighting Design

See Your Vision In Stunning Detail.

Visionary® has years of experience in designing sophisticated lighting designs in either 2D or 3D to visually articulate your project before it even gets off the ground.


The Lighting Design Process

At Visionary® Technologies Ltd, we excel in advanced lighting design, offering tailor-made 2D and 3D solutions. Our process starts when you submit your plans using our intuitive tools. A dedicated designer is then assigned to create a design that meets your specific needs. We send you draft plans for review and collaborate closely for any amendments, ensuring the final design fulfils your vision. Beyond this, we assist with installer quotations and offer continuous support, blending innovation and functionality in every lighting solution.

Step 1

Submit your plans using our lighting design tools

5 min

Step 2

We will allocate a design and begin creating a 2D/3D design to your requirements

1 - 3 weeks

Step 3

You’re sent a set of draft plans for review. We will work with you regarding any amendments

1  week

Step 4

The final plan is provided to you and we can facilitate quotations to installers, support and more.

1  day

Timings are used as a guide and may be shorter or longer depending on the quality of the plans provided, as well as current workloads of the Visionary® design team.


3D Rendered Visuals

See your project like never before . If you choose a 3D design, you’ll get stunningly realistic lighting visualisation for your project.


Understand light levels With precision.

We utilise advanced design software, so you’re able to understand the quality of light and light levels for all room spaces. No more guess work.


2D CAD Outputs

Visionary lighting designs provide a detailed 2D PDF CAD layout as standard  for easy luminaire identification. We also quantity survey the CAD plan for you so there’s no need for manual luminaire counting.


Check out some of our design renders


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