Our Story

Leading The Lighting Revolution Since 2012.

Visionary® Technologies began its journey in the humble confines of a garage, echoing the origins of industry giants like Apple®, Google®, and Amazon®. From these modest beginnings, we have evolved into a beacon of innovation and beauty in the lighting industry. At the core of our ethos lies a commitment to listening intently to our customers, understanding their needs, and transforming their insights into the driving force behind our creative process. This customer-centric approach has enabled us to develop revolutionary lighting technology that not only illuminates spaces but also enriches lives.

Company Timeline


Introducing the first IC-F 100mm Downlight1 - EveTM G11


Introducing the first IC-F 125mm Downlight1 - EveTM XL


Introducing the first LED Driver in NZ with AdaptivTM dimmer technology1


Introducing the first LED Driver in NZ with AdaptivTM dimmer technology1


Introducing the first IC-F 125mm Downlight1 - EveTM XL


Introducing the first IC-F 100mm Downlight1 - EveTM G1

Our Philosophy On Lighting

Innovative, Customer-focused, Beautiful, Revolutionary Lighting Solutions.

The Journey

Our journey is one of transformation – continuously setting new standards and challenging the status quo. We are more than just a lighting company; we are pioneers, artists, and innovators committed to illuminating the world in ways previously unimagined. At Visionary® Technologies, we don't just create lighting solutions; we create experiences that inspire, captivate, and illuminate the human spirit.


Innovation at Visionary® Technologies is not just about developing new products; it's about redefining the very experience of light. We engage in constant dialogue with architects, interior designers, and end-users, ensuring that our innovations are not only technologically advanced but also intuitively aligned with the evolving tastes and preferences of our clientele.

Our Founder & CEO.

Ben Davidson is the Founder of Visionary® Technologies and has served as our Chief Executive Officer since 2012. Ben leads oversight of the multinational technology organisation specialising in the development, manufacture and distribution of complex electronic products to the New Zealand market and abroad.

Ben provides significant input into product research and development and carries specialist skills in coordinating global electrical, mechanical engineering and CAD design teams. Notably, Ben was the Visionary of the EveTM Series of recessed luminaires and pioneered a new direction for power electronics with the introduction of the PhoenixTM  Series LED driver family.

Ben holds a Bachelor of Commerce, specialising in management and marketing and was ranked in the top three students nationally by Enterprise New Zealand in 2009.

He is best known for his unrelenting determination to challenge the status quo and accomplish feats that were once considered impossible.

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  1. Surveyed in 2014,2015 & 2016 based on an extensive review using online content mediums. Visionary was unable to find a product that refused the claims at the time of they were made.


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