Sleep TechnologyTM

Maximized Eye Safety. No Blue Peak Stimulation. Sleep Easier1.

Sleep TechnologyTM significantly enhances sleep quality and overall well-being. It shortens the time to fall asleep, boosts sleep efficiency, and stabilizes the autonomic nervous system for deeper sleep and reduced eye fatigue1. Clinically tested, it demonstrates superior sleep quality, visual comfort, and increased daytime alertness compared to standard LED lighting1.

Sleep Faster

Reduce time to sleep by 23% using Sleep Technology1.

Wake Refreshed

Morning awakening experience improved by 1.3x vs typical LED1.

Less Eye Fatique

Significantly decreases eye fatigue & improves eye comfort1.

Deeper Sleep

Assists in higher Delta activity to assist in deeper sleep1.

Faster Sleep

Fall Asleep 23% Faster & Improve Sleep Efficiency1.

Sleep LEDTM is a breakthrough lighting engine technology. The technology has been clinically studied and resulted in a 23% faster average time to sleep and a substantial improvement in sleep efficiency for the studied patients1. The effects are due to the stabilization of the human autonomic nervous system, which is manifested through inactivation of sympathetic nerve and stimulus of the parasympathetic nerve through the use of this breakthrough technology.

Light Science

How Light Sources Keep Us Awake


Strong light in the blue part of the spectrum is emitted by a source

Retinal Cells

The blue spectrum stimulates intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells in our eyes



Brain Stimulus

Upon stimulus from the retinal cells, the brain triggers serotonin - the wakefulness hormone

Sleep Science

The Science Behind Sleep Technology.

In 2002, scientists discovered the existence of ipRGC (intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells), which transmit the intensity of blue light - a major part of morning light. We now know that these photoreceptor cells control the biological clock in humans. This in turn suggests that spectra affects the biological clock through stimulus of ipRGC cells. Research is showing us the effects on organisms of intensities in the blue portion of the spectrum that differ from those in natural light, even with light that we perceive as being the same colour3.

By reducing the levels of the high intensity blue light emitted by the light source, we’re able to provide a lower Circadian Action Factor (CAF) and Melanopic Ratios (MR) in warm white colour points, compared to traditional LED lighting topologies1.

World's Highest Eye Safety Certification2. Safer On Your Eyes.

Eye safety certification is a rating based on safety from analysing the LED wavelengths. Sleep Technology received an RG-1  grade in eye safety certification. The RG-1 grade is granted to a safe light source for which there is no biological risk, even if our entire lives were spent exposed to the light source. The result means we can be confident that the light source in your room space is not going to cause harm to our delicate eyes.


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  1. Claims are based on registered clinical trials and studies conducted by VA Palo Alto Healthcare, Seoul National University College of Medicine and the University of Basel.
  2. Eye Safety refers to the international standard the International Commission on Illumination adopted as standard (CIE S 009:2002) which defines the standard of LED illumination for the purpose of safety for the eyes and skin. The relevant standard is defined in IEC/EN 62471.
  3. Harvard Medical, 2012:


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