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Visionary® Brand Guidelines

Visionary® Technologies Ltd's brand guidelines are vital in maintaining our identity, symbolizing our commitment to innovation and quality in lighting. These guidelines detail the use of our logo, colors, typography, and imagery, ensuring uniformity and professionalism. Our brand represents a promise of excellence, making a cohesive presentation crucial. It strengthens our market position and builds trust with clients and partners, as every communication reflects these high standards.

Logo Sizing

The thickness of the logo isn’t to be adjusted in any way, shape or form. This is to ensure that our logo is consistent throughout all branding examples and easily recognizable.  The logo may be no smaller than 20px in height

Logo Spacing

Appropriate spacing must be applied to all parts of the Visionary® Logo. No less than one-third of the logo height may be used for spacing above and below the logo. On the left and right edges, one and a half letter width can be used as minimum spacing.

Logo Proportions

The proportions of the logo must stay the same for all variations. Adjustments to the padding between letters must also not be changed. This is to ensure that the Visionary® logo is consistent throughout all media and the text stays visible and easily readable.

Logo Colour

The Visionary® logo and emblem is only permitted to be black or white.  No other colours, shades or opacity adjustments are permitted.

Positioning & Contrasting

Positioning and contrasting are essential in logo design for visibility and brand recognition. Proper positioning ensures the logo is fully visible and not obscured, as seen when it's cut off by objects or cropped incorrectly, which can lead to misunderstanding of the brand. Contrasting, on the other hand, is vital for legibility. A logo that blends into the background or suffers from poor contrast becomes difficult to read, diminishing its impact. Effective use of these elements ensures the logo stands out, is easily readable, and maintains a strong, recognizable presence, reinforcing the brand's identity and message.

The logo is cut off by the couch. and results in part of the logo being hidden.

The logo is cropped inappropriately at the bottom of the design.

The logo is clearly visible in the centre of the page and easily readable.

The logo is cut off in the bottom corner and becomes unreadable.

The logo has contrasting issues with the background which impacts legibility.

The logo is clearly standing out against the background and is in full view.


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