See colours as they are intended. View textures with more detail than ever before.

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Engineered to closely match the wavelength profile of the sun.


Extremely high colour rendering up to 97+ CRI and CQS QA97.


Superior contrast regulation with extremely low light scattering.


Experience texture and three dimensionality like never before.

Next-generation LED spectrum technology.

Studio technology brings out true colours and textures for an extremely accurate experience where colour matters most. Compared to conventional LED and Fluorescent lighting, Studio provides a much greater spectrum of colour that is far more accurate than traditional LED lighting.

Studio technology enables a colour rendering index as high as 97+ (model dependent). This is made possible through the use of advanced LED phosphor and die design to minimize light scattering. This maximizes contrast and 3D-dimensional effects of objects to ensure they are seen at their best. This results in a natural and continuous spectrum that is very close to that of sunlight.

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Normal LED
Studio Technology

Realistic colour is now a reality. Typical LED lighting doesn't stand a chance.

CRI means colour rendering index. It's the light source's ability to render the colours. A CRI of 100 is realised when colour is perfectly rendered. Conventional LED lighting renders colour at a CRI of ~80. This mean a significant portion of colour is missing, which is detrimental if the application requires colour to be accurate. Studio Technology renders colour at 97+ CRI (model dependent) which produces exceptionally beautiful results.

Incredible contrast. See textures with extreme clarity.

Colour is only part of the equation when it comes to materials. A high CRI lighting product is only as good as it's effect on objects it illuminates. Many conventional high CRI lighting products feature a high 400-500nm wavelength peak that can wash out textures in objects. This results in objects appearing different to how they really are. Studio technology addresses this problem in its design and incorporates contrast regulation technology to ensure objects appear as they should.

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Normal LED
Studio Technology

Realistic reproduction of natural colors, contrasts, and three-dimensionality.

Artists select colours and brush strokes to create depth and perspective when viewed under natural light, and viewing paintings under the same lighting with which the artist created them is one way to truely appreciate them. Studio Technology faithfully illuminates artwork extremely similar to how it would appear under sunlight - addressing both colour and contrast elements. Studio lighting additionally addresses texture and three-dimensionality, enabling beautiful representation of textile products and interior design. All of this is possible due to Studio’s natural spectrum without excessive blue light wavelengths . This imparts a greater sense of three-dimensionality and texture.

Superb color rendering and expression of texture.

Sometimes the colour of clothing looks different outside than it did in the store. This happens because the spectrum of light in the store differs from that of natural light. Colour rendering indicates the effect that a light source has on how the colors of objects are perceived, with 100 representing colors under natural light. Studio exhibits superior colour rendering properties, with a value close to 100 when using not only the traditional CRI (Color Rendering Index) standard, but also the new TM-30-15 standard (the IES Method for Evaluating Light Source Colour Rendition). The technology expresses natural colors at events such as exhibitions of art and fashion shows.