Unassuming performer

Kainos is an architecturally designed, fully featured premium luminaire. A class inspiring fitting that can be customised to suit your brand new home, whether you want to make a bold statement with a black or alloy trim or let it blend away into the background with a white trim; the choice is yours.

  • Realistic colour and contrast with colour rendering up to 95+ CRI for vivid and lustrous lighting environments.
  • Custom designed white powder coating process, designed to blend with New Zealand's most common ReseneTM and DuluxTM ceiling colour palates.
  • Engineered with premium components delivering a 60,000+ hour lighting engine, our latest custom developed Phoenix 3 driver platform and boasts a 10 year warranty3.

Small package. Precisely engineered.

When designing Kainos, our objective was to develop a powerful luminaire in the smallest form factor without losing lighting performance. Kainos demonstrates beautiful aesthetics and engineering while providing superb and accurate colour rendering, all without sacrificing light output. Finally, we added our trade tested spring clip V2 to the design for strong, stable and reliable product installation.

Clever Thermals

Kainos outputs a similar light output to its much larger sibling Eve G4. Our engineering team developed a highly advanced housing structure that not only looks beautiful, is safe, operates at low temperatures and is highly efficient.


Product Design

The design principal for Kainos was based on the long standing and highly respected Eve LED series of recessed luminaries. Kainos carries its heritage with impeccable mechanical and visual design. Kainos LED is bright, easy to install, and low profile without sacrificing performance. Kainos fits a variety of ceilings with three trim colour options and three light colour options.

Light Colour Options






With years of experience in lighting engine design we have selectively chosen the optimal LED technology for Kainos LED. We developed a custom designed circuit board and optics to ensure maximum light delivery in an ultra reliable platform. Boasting over 950 lumens of light at under 11.5W1 is an incredible feat in itself. Kainos also features 90+ CRI colour rendering all models. You'll experience smooth, wide beam light that has superb colour rendering and exceptional lifespan with an L70 lifespan exceeding 60,000 hours2.


Trim Options

Kainos has 3 trim colour options to choose from. Black, brushed aluminum and Visionary white. Our black is matte black and is anti-reflective to reduce glare. Our brushed trim has the aluminum directly brushed rather than applying heavy metals to the trim. Our white trim is powder coated using a special formulation that is extremely durable and designed for the most popular ceiling paints used in New Zealand.


Fully Dimmable

Compatible with over 90% of New Zealand wall dimmer systems and most smart home electronics3.

Razor Trim

Blends into the ceiling with Visionary's Razor Trim design, boasting a 1mm trim edge.

10 Year Warranty

Full 10 Year warranty4 on both the lamp and the included LED driver for peace of mind. *7-year commercial.

Coverable LED driver

The attached Phoenix 3 LED driver is fully insulation coverable with approved insulation types.

Insulation Coverable

Fully IC-F rated for use under all NZ approved insulation types including Pink Batts and Earthwool.

90+ High CRI

Available with superior colour rendering typically measured to be 90+ CRI for premium quality light colour rendering.

Fully Air Tight Design

Designed with a fully sealed front lens to ensure no air movement from room-space to ceiling cavity.

IP65 Water/Dust Resistant

Suitable for use in bathrooms + kitchens and indoor humid environments as well as under soffits.

Zero Clearance Rated

SCB & HCB = Zero meaning that the product can abut combustible building elements safely.

Premium Trims

A custom formulated trim finish to be highly durable. The trim colours are designed to match common design elements.

Long Life 60,000+hrs

Premium quality components and thermal design help ensure a long product lifespan2.

Precise Colour Control

Includes Visionary's proprietary CCT binning technology 'Tru-light' to ensure consistent colour.


KainosTM LED

Fixed LED Recessed Luminaire

10W LED Power Consumption
11.5W Total System Power Consumption
99mm Trim x 38.8mm Height (Max)
Cutout Range
87mm Minimum - 94mm Maximum
90mm Hole Saw Recommended
LED Driver
PhoenixTM 3 Series 300mA
Technology Options
Base High Performance 90+ CRI
SleepTM LED Technology
StudioTM LED Technology 95+ CRI
Light Output & Life
Up to 950 Lumens
60,000+ Hours L70 (TM-21 10K)
3-SDCM (3-Step) LED Binning
Compliance & IP Rating
IC-F + IC-4 Luminaire
IP65 Ingress Protection
Insulation Coverable Driver
Lamp + Driver
10-Years Residential | 7-Years Commercial
Driver Selection
Standard Phase Dimming
Programmable DALI Driver
Trim Selection
Visionary White
Matte Black
Brushed Aluminum
Light Colour (CCT)
Base Model & Studio Model
3000K, 4000K, 5000K
Sleep LED Model
Optic & Beam

Diffused (Frosted Lens)
Wide Beam 1200
Base Model 90+ CRI
Sleep Technology Model
Studio Technology Model 95+ CRI
Output Power
Lower Power

Product Dimensions

Total Trim Width
Product Height
38.8mm Maximum Height
90mm - Recommended Minimum Cutout
Low Profile

KainosTM LED

Fixed LED Recessed Luminaire

Glare Profile
20.2 Maximum UGR Rating
Low Glare Classification
IP + IK Rating
IP65 Ingress Protection (Front Side)
IK Rating Not Assessed
Diode Colour Binning
3-SDCM Diode Binning (TrulightTM Technology)
3-Step McAdam Eclipse
Driver Life
80,000 Hours (75C Tc)
3000V L-N Surge Protection
Base Model Colour
Ra90+ CRI
R9 <50
Sleep + Studio Colour
Ra95+ CRI | CQS Qa95
Rf (TM30): 95
Compliance & IP Rating
IC-F + IC-4 Luminaire
Insulation Coverable Driver
Lamp + Driver
10-Years Residential | 7-Years Commercial

Product specifications are subject to change without notice.

Visionary Technologies reserves the right to make changes to this document and the product described herein, at anytime, without obligation on Visionary to provide notification of such change. All functionality, features, specifications and other product information provided in this document including, but not limited to, the benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability, and capabilities of the product are subject to change without notice or obligation.
1. Reported total lumen flux recorded using Astra model (E90-DW4K) Total lumen flux varies based on product sub model, reflector and lens choices and technology use.
2. LM80 data (TM-21 10K) 10,000 hours of testing. 60,500 hours is based on L70 calculated data as per LM80 testing parameters.
3. 10 year warranty applies to the lamp and approved attached Phoenix Series LED driver. 7 year warranty on lamp and driver applies when being used in a commercial building. Please read our warranty disclosure statement on our website (found under the support menu) for more information.
4. Tested using 17 of the most common dimmers in New Zealand using Visionary lamp model E12W-Dx3K on a 1-2 lamp load.
5. 97+ CRI model applies to when Iris 2 is used with Studio Technology. 90+ CRI when used with its Base model.