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Phoenix 3

Six years of power electronics research and engineering. Millions of hours of field data. Engineered for Reliability.
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Developed from the ground up to last in New Zealand's harsh conditions.

The New Zealand landscape is harsh. From poor power quality, to harsh changes in atmospheric conditions - it is highly challenging to develop power conversion products for New Zealand. Phoenix 3 was developed using six years of power electronics research and engineering and by data mining millions of hours of field data. All of this was to attain one goal; reliability. Phoenix 3 is a feat of engineering to bring the most robust lighting platform to Visionary lighting products.

Powered by Adaptiv R1 - Enabling superior dimming and stability.

ADAPTIV technology utilizes a digital processor core that monitors the internal circuitry for Phoenix 3 and adjusts operating parameters to performs at its best. The result is a highly efficient driver system that performs exceptionally in a wide variety of environments.

  • Utilizes advanced digital control technology to detect dimmer type - this provides an ultra-wide dimmer compatibility for leading, trailing and universal dimmers in New Zealand.
  • Capable of providing an extremely wide 0-100% dimming range on a range of New Zealand dimmers.
  • Full suite of protection features including over-temperature current foldback, open-circuit and short circuit production, AC line over voltage protection and over-current protection.

3-Stage surge protection to protect your lighting investment.

Phoenix 3 features a highly advanced three-stage surge protection system with two metal oxide varisters and a transient surge protection diode (TVS) for superior protection of your Visionary lighting product. We also reinforced the bridge rectifier and peripheral high voltage circuitry to handle much higher surge currents in the event of an unstable power supply.

Custom engineered capacitors with ultra long-life electrolyte.

Phoenix 3 features a custom engineered electrolytic capacitor solution to reinforce the key component series that degrades over time. By utilizing a highly advanced electrolyte solution, Phoenix 3 can handle volatile heat conditions for extremely long periods of time.

  • 10K ultra long life capacitors for superior product lifespan under volitile conditions.
  • Custom engineered capacitor design, bespoke to Phoenix 3, addressing the weakest point in LED driver topologies.
  • 1000uF high storage capacity to increase DC output stability during unstable power events.

Re-engineered PCB design with a 60% increase in strength.

Phoenix 3 features a new PCB design with a 60% increase in shear strength and rigidity to assist during high screw torqueing events, as well as protect the driver from solder point fractures due to mechanical stress.

Key Features

Digital Control

With advanced dimmer detection technology, Phoenix 3 can operate with most wall dimmers including leading-edge dimmers, trailing-edge dimmers, and smart dimmers. In addition, the cycle-by-cycle waveform analysis technology allows for fast dimmer transient response.

Ripple Suppressor

Engineered to combat ripple signal injection from the New Zealand grid power supply and provide a much more stable output to the lighting source. Phoenix 3 provides 1000uF of smoothing capability for super imposed high frequency signals to dramatically reduce their shimmer/flicker effects.

Surge Protection

Phoenix 3 utilizes a 3-stage surge protection system capable of sustaining voltage transients of 3000V on its dual MOV (Metal Oxide Varisters). Phoenix 3 additionally provides a high voltage a transient voltage suppression thyrector to protect from circuit damaging surge events.

5.5mm XXL Inputs

Phoenix 3 provides three very generous 5.5mm input terminals, capable of supporting up to three twisted 1.5mm TPS cables or 2x 2.5mm TPS cables and allows for extremely easy cable termination. The third ground earth loop terminal is added for your convenience.

10-Year Warranty1

Our customers expect Visionary LED lighting to last; Phoenix 3 is crucial to the lighting products ability to go the distance. Providing a warranty period of up to 10 years for residential applications, you know Visionary has got your back.

0-100% Dimming

Phoenix 3 applies advanced digital control technology to detect the dimmer type, enabling it to provide dynamic impedance to interface with the dimmer and to control the LED brightness at the same time. The advanced control circuit is capable of 0-100% dimming on modern dimmer circuits supporting small circuit loads.

Long-life Capacitors

Electrolytic capacitors are often regarded as the weakest link in an LED driver. Phoenix 3 integrates a custom developed, extreme reliability, capacitor package designed for use in LED lighting applications to ensure long product service life.

Durable Engineering

Phoenix 3 integrates a much stronger product design, designed to reduce PCB flexibility and solder joint stress. PCB density has been increased 60% on the previous generation for a much more durable driver platform.

Screwless Terminal Cover

Phoenix 3 utilizes a revised terminal cover design, using the concept from the much loved screw-less terminal cover from the original Phoenix series. For Phoenix 3, we have increased the length of the input terminal area to provide more cable versatility.

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