Industry Game Changer

The Revolution stands apart from other lighting solutions by utilising advanced optics and lighting engine technology to precisely direct light to the areas where improved lux levels matter the most. This makes it a valuable choice for applications where energy efficiency and reliability are of paramount importance.

IP65 & IK10


3x CCT


Up to 7-Years


60o, 90o, 120o

Beam Angles

110W - 240W


Up to 36,673lm1

Delivered Lumens

Ultra High Efficacy

Revolution has a system efficacy of up to 190lm/W bringing much better power savings than many standard LED Highbays1.

Long Product Lifespan

Premium quality components and thermal design help ensure a long product lifespan of 107,000+hrs5

3 Beam Angle Options

Adapt your Revolution Highbay optic to suit your application with 3 beam angle options to choose from.

IP65 & IK10 Rated

Developed to the highest in impact standards to ensure Revolution is dependable in the roughest environments.

IP66 & IK10 Rated

The Bollard features extremely durable construction enabling an IP66 Ingress protection rating and a IK10 Impact rating.

7-Year Warranty

We also guarantee the Insurgent with a 7-Year Warranty for your peace of mind. For more information, product warranty disclosure statements and full details can be found under the support menu.

5-Year Servicing

As part of our commitment to our customers, we provide the highest level of service with Level 3 products. If your light doesn’t work within our specifications we'll make it right with the use of our Guardian Service and arrange to have the product replaced and/or repaired at our cost2.



LED Highbay Series

Wattage Options1
Mount Options
Ring (Included)
Surface Bracket (Option)
Light Colour (CCT6)
3000K, 4000K Option (Lead Time)
Highbay + Driver
7-Years Commercial
5-Years Guardian Service
Light Output & Life2
21,300lm - 110W
28,900lm - 150W
36,673lm - 200W

Up to 190lm/W1
Delivered Efficacy @110W, 5000K, 70CRI

LED Driver
Tier 1 Premium
Class 1
107,000hrs (L70B50)

Product Details

Dimensions 110W Model:
Width: 286mm
Height: 138mm
Ring mount rear: 176mm
Dimensions 150-240W Models:
Width: 320mm
Height: 149mm
Ring mount rear: 187mm
110W: 3.45kg
150W/200W/240W: 4.35kg
Optic & Beam


LED Highbay Series

Glare Profile8
<17UGR @ 60°
<18UGR @ 90°
IP Rating & Classification
IP65 Ingress Protection
IK10 Impact Rating
Diode Colour Binning
3-SDCM Diode Binning
3-Step MacAdam Ellipse
VT-LINK™ Motion Sensor
VT-LINK™ Daylight Sensor
Connections (Input Time Applies)
0-10V Dimmable

Highbay + Driver
7-Years Commercial
5-Years Guardian Service

Model Colours
Input Connection
3m Cable w/ 3-pin Plug
(IP68 Gasket Option)

Product specifications are subject to change without notice.

Visionary Technologies reserves the right to make changes to this document and the product described herein, at anytime, without obligation on Visionary to provide notification of such change. All functionality, features, specifications and other product information provided in this document including, but not limited to, the benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability, and capabilities of the product are subject to change without notice or obligation.

1. Subject up to a +-7% light production tolerance. Guidance only and varies with optical, power, and electromechanical variance. See product datasheet for more detailed information.
2 (*). Product warranty disclosure statements and full details can be found by viewing our Warranty Documentation, Guardian Service Agreements for commercial and residential products and by viewing our terms of service. All documentation can be found on the Visionary Technologies website under the support menu.
3. Processor ability. Not applicable to all dimmer mechanisms. Specifications are provided on an ‘as is’ basis and are subject to change without notice. View product datasheet for more comprehensive dimmer related data.
4. Refers to the front of the lamp. Rear of lamp is IP40.
5. All CRI values are measured at Tj = Tc = 25°C. CRI values are typical. Visionary maintains a ± 3 tolerance on CRI values.
6. Nominal CCT as defined by ANSI C78.377-2011.
7. Tested using 17 of the most common dimmers in New Zealand using Visionary lamp model E12W-Dx3K on a 1-2 lamp load.
8. Unified glare rating based on ( 0.7 Ceiling/Cavity , 0.5 Walls , 0.2 Working Plane) with room dimensions (X = 4H , Y = 12H) Maximum rating recorded on any VISH3-Dxxxx variant was reported at 18 UGR using the above parameters.