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Our technologies accumulate years of valuable advances to deliver the best lighting experience possible. Through our in-house research and development, we continually work towards meaningful advancements to push the boundaries of LED lighting.

Sleep TechnologyTM

Sleep technology is engineered to provide a healthier light source to the New Zealand market. Sleep technology works by using a highly advanced die and phosphor mix to provide  superior wavelengths of light that are optimised to eliminate the 'blue' peak from the LED diode source. Sleep technology has been clinically researched to enable faster sleep time, much greater visual comfort and it features the industries highest eye safety compliance.

Product Origin: Eve™ G4 & Iris Families
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Studio TechnologyTM

Studio technology brings out true colours and textures for an extremely accurate experience where colour matters most. Compared to conventional LED and Fluorescent lighting, Studio provides a much greater spectrum of colour that is far more balanced than others.

Studio technology enables a colour rendering index as high as 97+ (model dependent), advanced LED phosphor and die design to minimize light scattering to maximize contrast and 3D-dimensional effects of objects to ensure they are seen at their best.

Product Origin: Eve™ G4 & Iris Families
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Ultra S3TM

Ultra S3 is a custom developed lighting engine providing superior optical and thermal efficiency. Ultra S3 was developed using long life design principles by utilisation of an insulated metal substrate printed circuit board and world renowned LED diodes with a rated lifespan of 60,000 hours @ L70 (TM-21 10K). Ultra S3 Lighting engines have a minimum colour rendering index (CRI) of 80 and average 83CRI.

Product Origin: Eve™ G3 & Eve™ XL G2


VT-LINK provides highly robust wireless lighting control, based on the globally inter-operable Bluetooth 5 mesh standard. Engineered for high reliability commercial and industrial applications, VT-LINK oasts an array of smart connected devices and accessories to reduce automation costs and enhance lighting project efficiency and effectiveness.

Product Origin: Visionary International Luminaires

Ultra S4TM

Ultra S4 was engineered to be the most energy efficient lighting engine we ever created. S4 boasts efficiencies up to 129 lumens per watt. Ultra S4 is developed to last a substantial amount of time with L70 lifetimes easily exceeding 60,000 hours (TM-21 10K) and with a colour rendering index averaging 83CRI.

Product Origin: Eve™ XL+

Adaptiv R1TM

ADAPTIV technology utilises a digital processor core that monitors the internal circuitry and adjusts operating parameters to perform optimally. The result is a highly efficient driver system that performs exceptionally.

Product Origin: Phoenix Series™ LED Drivers

X-Drive ProTM

Provides superior L70 lifetime and unrivaled reliability. Featuring breakthrough silicon carbide (SiC) technology on an advanced epitaxial structure and delivering calculated L70 lifetimes exceeding 133,000 hours – X-Drive pro is the logical choice for the discerning user requiring a high performance product with long life characteristics.

Product Origin: Iris™ LED


A CCT binning platform unique to Visionary, Tru-colour ensures that each and every luminaire provides consistent and accurate lighting engine colour replication. Tru-colour enabled luminaires are audited to stringent tolerances virtually eliminating diode divergence between products.

Product Origin: Eve Series™


X-Parallel is a failsafe lighting engine routing technology. In the extremely unlikely event of diode failure, electrical energy is automatically routed to other parts of the circuit that inherit the power lost by the failing diode. This feature is a commercial grade feature to ensure continual operation of the lighting product in the event of a fault.

Product Origin: Eve™ XL