Our passion for lighting and our customers is at the heart of what we do. Our team makes it all possible.

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When you embark on your Visionary career, you’ll find we have a unique culture and vision which sets us apart, and we are committed to developing our people and supporting them to reach new possibilities every day.

We are committed to finding talented people who want to pursue a career at Visionary Technologies. People who share the same passion, enthusiasm, and drive to succeed. We create a culture and environment where our people have the opportunity to excel and feel valued for their achievements.

Benefits of a Visionary career
  • Exclusive Discounts
    Visionary offers generous discounts on lighting products for our team and their family and friends.
  • Growth Opportunities
    As a fast growing business, there is virtually no limit to what you can achieve with Visionary careers whether you are entering a new role or progressing in your current profession.
  • Fun & Entertainment
    The best places to work are fun ones. Visionary hosts a number of events throughout the year. In the past we've been bowling and cycling, sang at karaoke evenings and we also love treating employees on their birthdays.
  • Ongoing Career Development
    Visionary invests heavily in on-the-job learning and training to ensure employees are confident to achieve at their best.
  • Great Working Hours
    Our team works hard Monday to Friday meaning you have your weekends for fun and family.
  • Flexible Working Arrangements
    We understand that life exists outside of the workplace and you may have other commitments. We proactively support our employees to balance their lives around the workplace.
  • Supportive Team & Management
    We believe it's very important to feel included and part of a team. You're not just a number when you work with us.
  • Competitive Salaries
    Visionary offers competitive salaries with opportunities to upskill and progress.
  • Free Parking
    No more expensive city parking.
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Please note Visionary Technologies only supplies product to electrical trade except in special circumstances.


"I started my career with Visionary in early 2021 and I am thoroughly impressed with the one-on-one training I have received and the general happy and upbeat atmosphere of the office. I am excited to be learning this new industry with Visionary."
Aimee Ford - Business Development Manager
"It's an enjoyable place to work. Moving to New Zealand from Poland, Visionary was the first place I made friends and that was thanks to a very supportive team"
Aleksandra Czerwonska - Production Technician
"I love that I get to meet and help a variety of people with Visionary. It's rewarding seeing happy customers and the growing interest in the team with new product launches."
Nik Timms - New Zealand Operations Manager
"I love the relaxed and comfortable atmosphere at Visionary. It's a very inclusive environment."
Riria Reweti-Cockburn - Production Supervisor
"The flexible hours are great and allow me to continue with my mechanical engineering studies at University while refining my skills in the LED lighting industry."
Callum Stevenson - Production Technician
"The team at Visionary are all so friendly and supportive."
Andrea Barker - Production Technician


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At Visionary, we embrace individuality and are committed to actively growing the diversity and inclusive nature of our team. Having an inclusive environment is at the forefront of our agenda and we work hard to ensure differences are not only accepted, but appreciated and celebrated.

We believe diversity leads to innovation and with a team of different genders, cultures, backgrounds, religions, abilities and ages; we have access to a wealth of knowledge and ideas. This enables us to provide our diverse range of customers with the best possible products and service.

Benefits of a Visionary career
  • Cultural Diversity
    The Visionary team employee a wide range of people from all parts of the world. Currently, we employ 5 different ethnicities; New Zealand European, Maori, Polish, Filipino and Chinese.
  • Gender Diversity
    Visionary breaks the industry trend and has a larger ratio of female to male employees with 66% being female.
  • Age Inclusive Workforce
    Visionary provides a platform for people of all ages to be part of our inclusive team. Our average employee age is 34 years old. Our youngest employee is 21 years old and our oldest is currently 61.
  • Supporting Local
    Visionary has a passion for supporting a local workforce. 94% of our employees are based in New Zealand.
  • Pay & Salary Equality
    Visionary's Salary and pay structures are based on skills and experience and we use gradation methodologies to grade employee remuneration.
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Data accurate as at 15th April 2021


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