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Our highly versatile architectural, flicker-free style extrusion. Developed for symmetrical linear applications such as offices, receptions and long spans in room spaces. Engineered with no visible external protrusions, screws or optic gaps for the ultimate lighting experience.

  • Premium grade aluminum and refined construction methodologies enable an elegant product finish with no light leakage or gaps in extrusion bodies.
  • Innovative flexible micro-prismatic diffusers enable superior light uniformity and maximum glare control. Flexible optics provide a seamless lens in continuous extrusion runs for more seamless lighting experience.
  • New innovative installation methodology makes installing Linear Diffused faster and easier to use than ever before.
  • Flicker-free by design and includes Visionary’s leading parts & labour service for superior product support for your investment.

Seamless Flexibility.

One of the biggest problems with linear extrusions is the use of rigid optical lens technology. This results in small gaps in continuous extrusion runs. Linear Diffused uses a highly innovative flexible micro-prismatic optic that allows for seamless extrusion runs up to 3 meters. The optic also enables ultra low glare (UGR <19) for greater room comfort and application flexibility.

Seamless Installation.

Linear Diffused uses a simple, yet innovative installation mechanism to attach the gear tray to the main extrusion body. By simply pressing the gear tray into the body and rotating the lock connector 90 degrees, the gear tray will lock firmly in place. Continuous extrusion runs also benefit from pre wired connections for plug and play installation.

Better. Together.

With continuous versions of Linear Diffused, you can connect multiple extrusion bodies together with ease. The gear tray system comes with a screwless interlock system that compresses bodies together for fast, efficient install installation.

Practical. Ambience.

Optical control is at the heart of the Linear Diffused design and with direct and Indirect light sources as product options. You can now create a practical well-lit workspace without the need of adding additional lighting to create the ultimate lighting experience.


Super Fast Installation

Twist-lock gear tray installation into the extrusion body makes installation a breeze.

Linear Extrusion Style

Architecturally designed linear extrusion with a beautiful finish for premium applications.

5-Year Warranty

Full 5 Year warranty3 on both the lamp and the inbuilt LED driver for peace of mind.

100,000hr rated LED Driver

Incorporates premium LED driver technology for a long product working life.

Precise Colour Control

Includes Visionary's proprietary CCT binning technology 'Tru-light' to ensure consistent colour.

Ultra-High Efficacy

Linear has a system efficacy of up to 130lm/W1 bringing much better power savings than most LED battens.

90+ CRI Premium Lighting

Available with industry standard colour rendering typically measured to be 90+ CRI for quality light colour.

5-Year Parts & Labour

Comes with 5 years of complimentary product servicing for your peace of mind.

Ultra Low Glare

Utilizes micro-prismatic optical technology to ensure glare is kept under control. Adheres to <UGR 19 requirements

Flicker-free Lighting

Incorporates flicker-free lighting technology into the design for smooth and consistent lighting for your room space.

4 Installation Styles

Available in recessed, suspended, wall-mount or surface mount.

Long Life 60,000+ hrs

Premium quality components and thermal design help ensure a long product lifespan2 of 60,000+ hours.


Linear DiffusedTM Louver

Suspended, Surface, Recessed or Wall-mount LED Louver.

Direct Models
1200mm Model
25W System Consumption
1500mm Model
31W System Consumption
3000mm Model
62W System Consumption

Direct + Indirect Models
1200mm Model
37W System Consumption
1500mm Model
46W System Consumption
3000mm Model
92W System Consumption
2m 3-Core Power Cable
LED Driver
Tier 1 - Premium Linear
Light Output & Life
Up to 8000 Lumens
50,000+ Hours L90/B10 (TM-21 10K)
3-SDCM (3-Step) LED Binning
Technology Options
Base High Performance 90+ CRI
VT-Link Capable
Compliance & IP Rating
Complies with New Zealand Regulations
‍Ingress Protection
Class 1
Louver + Driver
5-Years Residential | 5-Years Commercial
Driver Selection
Standard Non-Dimmable
Phase Dimmable Option
0-10V Dimmable Option
DALI Option
VT-Link Option
Body Selection
White (RAL9016)
Black (RAL9005)
Light Colour (CCT)
Base Model
3000K / 4000K / 5000K
Optic & Beam
Direct - Diffused (Micro-Prismatic)
Wide Beam 800
Indirect - Diffused (Micro-Prismatic) + Diffused
Wide Beam 800 + Wide Beam 1400

Base Model 90+ CRI

Output Power
25-92W - Model Dependent

Model Version
Direct - Downward Illumination Only
Direct + Indirect - Downward & Upwards

Product Dimensions

Total Product Width
65mm Total Width
Product Height
75mm Maximum Height
Product Length
Maximum Length
Maximum Continuous Length: 50M
Extrusion Style

Linear DiffusedTM Louver

Suspended, Surface, Recessed or Wall-mount LED Louver.

Glare Profile
>19 Maximum UGR Rating
IP + IK Rating
IP20 Ingress Protection
IK05 Rating
Diode Colour Binning
3-SDCM Diode Binning (TrulightTM Technology)
3-Step McAdam Ellipse
Driver Life
100,000 Hours (75C Tc)
2000V L-N Surge Protection
Base Model Colour
Ra90+ CRI
R9 <50
Compliance & IP Rating
Complies With New Zealand Standards

Louver + Driver
5-Years Residential | 5-Years Commercial

Product specifications are subject to change without notice.

Visionary Technologies reserves the right to make changes to this document and the product described herein, at anytime, without obligation on Visionary to provide notification of such change. All functionality, features, specifications and other product information provided in this document including, but not limited to, the benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability, and capabilities of the product are subject to change without notice or obligation.
1. Reported total lumen flux recorded using Linear model (VISL3-1500-38W-X4K) Total lumen flux varies based on product sub model, reflector and lens choices and technology use.
2. LM80 data (TM-21 10K) 10,000 hours of testing.50,000 hours is based on L70 calculated data as per LM80 testing parameters.
3. 5 year warranty applies to the lamp and approved attached LED driver. 5 year warranty on lamp and driver applies when being used in a commercial building. Please read our warranty disclosure statement on our website (found under the support menu) for more information.