A premium discrete luminaire boasting a synergy of beautiful design and the latest in LED luminaire technology.
Designed & Assembled in New Zealand.

Realistic Colour and contrast

Available with colour rendering up to 95+ CRI for a vivid and lustrous atmosphere.

10 year warranty + 5 Year Servicing4

Protecting your investment with a 10-year warranty on the lamp and driver.

new architectural luminaire or RETROFIT replacement

Engineered wide trim profile similar to that of a R80 downlight to create a new atmosphere or refine that one you have.

Ultra long lasting platform

Incorporates a premium lighting engine designed to easily outlast 60,000+ hours and includes the latest Phoenix 2TM Premium LED driver

New trim, heatsink & spring clips

As part of the new design, the trim and physical product mold was redeveloped from the ground up, building from the roots of its previous generations. The trim was made wider and incorporates a razor edged bezel - so it blends with the ceiling. The heatsink has been reduced in depth and we took the opportunity to optimise the thermal properties - it now runs cooler than the previous edition. Finally, we added our trade tested spring clip V2 to the design for strong, stable and reliable product installation.

Reduced glare

Through optical and technological refinements, Eve G4 has reduced glare which does not exceed UGR 21.16 on any of its variations.  You'll experience smooth crisp light without causing added stress on your eyes.



With years of experience in lighting engine design we have selectively chosen the optimal LED technology for Eve G4. Boasting over 1000 lumens of light at under 12W1 is an incredible feat in itself. We also upgraded the colour rendering index on all models of Eve G4 to 90+ CRI. You'll experience smooth wide beam light that has superb colour rendering and exceptional lifespan with an L70 lifespan exceeding 60,000 hours2.

Light Colour Options





Technology Options

There are three different product technologies available for Eve G4. These being base - for high colour rendering, high performance applications. Secondly, Sleep LED - a HEV blue peak eliminating light source technology. Finally, we have Studio LED, for Ultra high colour rendering applications.

Base | 90+ CRI

Through years of refinement and general improvements, we have designed a world class package of design, performance and reliability.

No HEV Peak

Sleep LED technology removes the peak of HEV (high energy visible light) that disrupts the brains release of melatonin.

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97+ Ultra High CRI

Studio LED technology provides ultimate colour representation with a colour rendering index of 97+. Studio technology additionally boasts high contrast light to bring the texture and appearance of objects to life. With studio, colours and textures are vivid and lustrous.

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Trim Options

Eve G4 has three trim colour options to choose from. Black, brushed aluminium and matte white. Our black is matte black and is anti-reflective to reduce glare. Our brushed trim has the aluminium directly brushed rather than applying heavy metals to the trim. Our white trim is powder coated using a special formulation that is extremely durable and designed for the most popular ceiling paints used in New Zealand.


Fully Dimmable

Compatible with over 90% of New Zealand wall dimmer systems and most smart home electronics3.

Retrofit Capable

Suitable as an update for all R80 downlights with cutouts between 100-122mm and trims up to 130mm.

10 Year Warranty

Full 10 Year warranty4 on both the lamp and the included LED driver for peace of mind. *7-year commercial.

Coverable LED driver

The attached Phoenix 2 LED driver is fully insulation coverable with approved insulation types.

Precise Colour Control

Includes Visionary's proprietary CCT binning technology 'Tru-light' to ensure consistent colour.

Insulation Coverable

Fully IC-F rated for use under all NZ approved insulation types including Pink Batts and Earthwool.

Up to 95+ CRI

Available with industry best colour rendering typically measured to be 97+ CRI5 for premium quality light colour rendering.

Fully Air Tight Design

Designed with a fully sealed front lens to ensure no air movement from room-space to ceiling cavity.

IP65 Water/Dust Resistant

Suitable for use in bathrooms +  kitchens and indoor humid environments as well as under soffits.

Zero Clearance Rated

SCB & HCB = Zero meaning that the product can abut combustible building elements safely.

Premium Trims

A custom formulated trim finish to be highly durable. The trim colours are designed to match common design elements.

Long Life 60,000+hrs

Premium quality components and thermal design help ensure a long product lifespan2.



Iris 2
Cutout: 68-92mm | Trim: 97mm
Iris Tilt
Cutout: 83-97mm | Trim: 103mm
Apollo XL
Cutout: 122-152mm | Trim: 160mm
Apollo 2
Cutout: 100-122mm | Trim: 130mm
Apollo EON
Cutout: 87-100mm | Trim: 106mm
Apollo Mini
Cutout: 68-92mm | Trim: 97mm
Cutout: 87-100mm | Trim: 106mm
Eve XL 3
Cutout: 122-142mm | Trim: 150mm
Eve G4
Cutout: 100-122mm | Trim: 130mm